Wonder Woman Potential

Usually when I go to the movies, especially the drive in, I anticipate tearing the production apart. I like to complain about the lack of people of color, the objectification of women, and plot holes. It really makes the experience enjoyable for me.

Needless to say, I had extremely low expectations for the scantly clad Wonder Woman. I’ve never read the comic and I had no idea who she was really besides her appearance as a gladiator cheerleader.

The movie begins and so do my scoffs. A bunch of gorgeous ladies are prancing around. Of course the main 2 mentors are white and look exactly the same with their long blonde hair.

Then the handsome white man comes and is saved by naïve goddess girl.
It’s cool that the girl does the saving I guess.

Then there is a battle in which none of the Germans stop to ask

“Why is there a magical island full of gorgeous female gladiator cheerleaders?”

“Doesn’t matter, lets just kill them before they are able to threaten our masculinity!”


The scoffing continues

Then the moment that really got me:

“It’s Ares that’s causing the war, mom! That’s what we have spent all eternity training for! Let’s go kill him!”

Mom says, “Nooo, too scary.”

Ahem. Ok mom.

Let’s review: Zeus created you for the sole purpose of defeating Ares. That is literally your only purpose. What are you going to do on your little island if you don’t go? Keep training? For what? You can’t even procreate!

I was appalled at her stupidity.


As the movie went on and Sami fell asleep so I had no one to scoff with,

My critiques turned on themselves.

Instead of being annoyed at Diana’s naïveté and oblivion to the customs of England, I started to identify.

By the time Diana ran into the battlefield to rescue the town, I was riveted.


It dawned on me. This is the story of a Christ follower!

I began to look for truth in the story rather than lies and re-evaluated the beginning.

The scene that first turned me off to the movie is what ended up starting the brain train that carried me to a place of absolutely loving it.


Let me explain,

I was created for a very specific purpose: to glorify God and spread his love so that others can know Him and be free from Satan’s hold just as the Amazons are meant to free the world from Ares.

If I choose not to use my God given gifts to spread God’s love with the world, then I am just as useless as the Amazons who stayed behind. A lot of times our friends or parents tell us not to pursue Jesus to the hard and dangerous places. It is not because they are stupid (as I accused the Amazons of being) but they have lost sight of our purpose of existing and want to protect us.

Diana is convicted of being called to end the war and is determined to leave despite her mother’s protests.

As Diana enters the world of humans we see her innocence with men, her compassion for those in need, her fearlessness to speak out against violence, and her supernatural strength. Even what she wears is chosen specifically for the task at hand, not for fashion or beauty. (Though why the artist decided this should be a tiny metal dress is open for debate)

All of these things allow her to save the world because she knows the truth of what is really going on and she is not distracted from her mission.

She knows that she has been trained well. She knows that there is a spiritual battle behind it all. She knows that she will defeat the enemy in the end because that is her purpose. She knows that mere mortals cannot harm her.

Even when no one believes where she came from or who sent her, she holds to her convictions.

Even when she learns how messed up/sinful mankind is, she chooses to serve them anyway because you know what?

“It’s not about deserving, it’s about what you believe, and I believe in love. “


Oh man I could go on about the truth of that statement for days and days.


I have been created for a specific purpose.

I have been filled with the spirit and trained with spiritual disciplines in community.

I know that the real battle is not against flesh and blood.

I know that the victory has already been won.


Through these truths
Jesus has given me Wonder Woman potential.
I just need to own it.



The LORD is with me; I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?
Psalm 118:6


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