Everyone said transitioning out of college is the worst. I was inclined to believe them.
Now that I have graduated and am almost done student teaching I know better. Transitioning is not the worst! Sure some parts are scary but such is life- some parts are scary whether you are transitioning or not. Leaving one thing and moving to another is exciting! There is all kinds of potential and hopes and dreams to be pursued. Friends from the thing you left don’t disappear, they continue growing into new and deeper friendships!

Friends, I am about to transition again and I want you to be a part of it!

 I am going to teach art at ABC Academy in Malawi, Africa for the next 2 years.

I want to tell you about it because I am EXCITED for this adventure and I thought you might want to INVEST in me

A little background:

So I decided to become an art teacher about 2 years ago when I realized being an illustrator/freelance artists was not a good fit for my social personality (I NEED people!). Plus I had learned a thing or two about working with kiddos on various mission trips and I liked it!

One day during Christmas break after I had just started the credential program, I ran into my old friends Kellen and Becca who were on furlough—they have been living and teaching in Malawi for the past many years.
See their story HERE
I told them about my career goal switch and they invited me to come teach at ABC!

After much deliberation I decided to apply. I got accepted to teach Kindergarten through 8th grade art and am headed to Malawi in July!

During a mission trip to Thailand in 2015, I realized that I have a lot of gifts geared toward travel and living outside of my own culture. In fact, before that trip ended I committed to 2 years of overseas ministry at some point in my life. Turns out those two years are starting soon! I am very much looking forward to working in a country that does not have high quality education and being a part of a remedy to the problem. I am also looking forward to working in a multi-cultural school. Having experience teaching kids of many cultures will grow me as an educator in ways that are just not possible when only exposed to American students.

Here’s the thing:

teaching is usually a fairly well-paying job right? Well, ABC Academy is a K-12 school run by the mission organization, African Bible Colleges. The student body consists of 11% missionary kids, 60% Malawian, and 40% Expatriates. In order to keep the school affordable for the locals in the 6th poorest country in the world, teachers “raise support.” Fundraising for my salary may sound scary but

Here’s what’s cool about it:

When you commit to sending me money monthly, you get to be a part of the story! You are directly impacting the kids in Malawi and providing them with quality education! Also, living on other’s generosity keeps me accountable and humble. Not only that, you and I will stay in touch and grow closer in community in the kingdom of God!

So cool!

My goal is to find people who will commit to giving monthly- any amount helps!

The cost of living in Malawi is about 1160 per month and I must also pay for travel costs.

There are 3 ways you can give financially:

  1. Checks made out to African Bible Colleges- Bethany King written on the memo line
    mailed to: African Bible Colleges PO. Box 103 Clinton MS. 39060.
  2. Online Here – Choose “Missionary” in the dropdown options and then write “Bethany King” in the memo box.
  3. If you want to give a one-time gift, Venmo me! @Bethany-King

Thank you for reading this whole post! You’re the best!

If you are unable to give, no worries! God will provide!

Please pray for me! Prayer is free! And so important!


You can stay updated on my story through this very blog! I will be writing stories about my Malawi adventure as frequently as possible.


Feel free to use the contact page to ask any questions!




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