I finally have a BLOG

Ok, bye!

TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT! I’M LEAVING! but before I hop on the plane let me just say:

June was INSANE! So many good-byes and wrap-ups! Watch this great video that Sami edited to see what we’ve been up to!
Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 9.29.34 AM

People keep asking me different questions about what it is going to be like. I’m so ready to find out those answers and let you all know! However, I will be off social media for the first 6 weeks. I will still be checking email but staying away from instagram, skype, and facebook. I’m going to need to focus on adapting and transitioning to my new home. I also need to practice believing that my friends will remember me even if I don’t update my insta-story every day!

I’m 100% funded!!
You all got me to my goal!!! It’s been AMAZING to see God provide right up to the last minute!

One more thing
I know you’ve always wanted an international pen pal! Now’s your chance! If you do decide to love me in this way, please take a picture of your letter before you mail it. That way, if I never receive it (snail mail is always a risk), you can email me a picture! You can also use the picture as a reference later when I reply and you’ve already forgotten what you wrote!


Purchase global forever stamps HERE ~ These are for letters one ounce or less.

Ok guys, good bye for real this time.




The Countdown

ataglanceThere’s about a month left before leaving for Malawi. I am looking at my planner like a chocolate advent calendar. You know the ones, from Trader Joes? Instead of chocolate however, I look for an old friend or new memory in every square. There are so many people I want to see and so many things I want to do one last time!

It’s quite a whirlwind!
Yet I’m trying to keep my pace slow.
With the imposing “TRANSITION” on the horizon,  I know that my soul preparations are most important. So as much as I thrive on the excitement of fundraising (Wine and Paint night was awesome!), hanging out with as many friends and family as possible, and packing (yes, I ❤ packing), please pray that Jesus will prepare my heart to be open to all the new friends I’m going to make and the new home I am going to grow roots in.
I really appreciate the ways you have all been encouraging and supportive already!



Everyone said transitioning out of college is the worst. I was inclined to believe them.
Now that I have graduated and am almost done student teaching I know better. Transitioning is not the worst! Sure some parts are scary but such is life- some parts are scary whether you are transitioning or not. Leaving one thing and moving to another is exciting! There is all kinds of potential and hopes and dreams to be pursued. Friends from the thing you left don’t disappear, they continue growing into new and deeper friendships!

Friends, I am about to transition again and I want you to be a part of it!

 I am going to teach art at ABC Academy in Malawi, Africa for the next 2 years.

I want to tell you about it because I am EXCITED for this adventure and I thought you might want to INVEST in me

A little background:

So I decided to become an art teacher about 2 years ago when I realized being an illustrator/freelance artists was not a good fit for my social personality (I NEED people!). Plus I had learned a thing or two about working with kiddos on various mission trips and I liked it!

One day during Christmas break after I had just started the credential program, I ran into my old friends Kellen and Becca who were on furlough—they have been living and teaching in Malawi for the past many years.
See their story HERE
I told them about my career goal switch and they invited me to come teach at ABC!

After much deliberation I decided to apply. I got accepted to teach Kindergarten through 8th grade art and am headed to Malawi in July!

During a mission trip to Thailand in 2015, I realized that I have a lot of gifts geared toward travel and living outside of my own culture. In fact, before that trip ended I committed to 2 years of overseas ministry at some point in my life. Turns out those two years are starting soon! I am very much looking forward to working in a country that does not have high quality education and being a part of a remedy to the problem. I am also looking forward to working in a multi-cultural school. Having experience teaching kids of many cultures will grow me as an educator in ways that are just not possible when only exposed to American students.

Here’s the thing:

teaching is usually a fairly well-paying job right? Well, ABC Academy is a K-12 school run by the mission organization, African Bible Colleges. The student body consists of 11% missionary kids, 60% Malawian, and 40% Expatriates. In order to keep the school affordable for the locals in the 6th poorest country in the world, teachers “raise support.” Fundraising for my salary may sound scary but

Here’s what’s cool about it:

When you commit to sending me money monthly, you get to be a part of the story! You are directly impacting the kids in Malawi and providing them with quality education! Also, living on other’s generosity keeps me accountable and humble. Not only that, you and I will stay in touch and grow closer in community in the kingdom of God!

So cool!

My goal is to find people who will commit to giving monthly- any amount helps!

The cost of living in Malawi is about 1160 per month and I must also pay for travel costs.

There are 3 ways you can give financially:

  1. Checks made out to African Bible Colleges- Bethany King written on the memo line
    mailed to: African Bible Colleges PO. Box 103 Clinton MS. 39060.
  2. Online Here – Choose “Missionary” in the dropdown options and then write “Bethany King” in the memo box.
  3. If you want to give a one-time gift, Venmo me! @Bethany-King

Thank you for reading this whole post! You’re the best!

If you are unable to give, no worries! God will provide!

Please pray for me! Prayer is free! And so important!


You can stay updated on my story through this very blog! I will be writing stories about my Malawi adventure as frequently as possible.


Feel free to use the contact page to ask any questions!



Stranger Things 2 Live Blog

Just saw the recap of season 1 on youtube… it was just as senseless as I remember\\\


toothless is doing something and Mike is stealing loose change
things are happening fast
why did they need to go to play this Dragon game RIGHT NOW

Cheese puffs guy beat their score oh wait it wasn’t him
Cheese puffs wants a date



ok so it looks like their is a storm in the upside down world

will and mike look so similar!

PTL the sheriff is here. he’s my fav. .. Russian spies? interesting Why is it always Russia?
Sheriff should really listen to beard dude. I think he’s on to something.

oh boy stupid girl and stupid boy are still together. oh apparently she’s smart because she’s helping him with his homework. oh his name is steve.

red haired smoker. so far of no importance

poor will is getting teased.

red haired girl: her name is max and she’s from CA. SO AM I

I hope he’s a good guy…

All the pumpkins are rotten. The day before halloween

even Jonathan who is friends with stupid girl now apparently

so much making out jeez luzezz

will is being inspected and doctor is trying to be nice. agh i always hated it when physicians try and make small talk.
very halloween

why do they think this doctor knows anything at all? Why aren’t they focussing on getting into the upside down world and destroying the evil? Why aren’t they calling the avengers or jake and finn?

hm doctor waved he’s probs bad guy
An astronaut is going in an elevator. oh good he’s going in upside down world. easy. yes just flame throw everything.

kiddos spying on max. such angst. OH she is the one with the high score on that stupid game. OH WOW mike is a bad kid now. he graffitied the bathroom

Stupid boy and girl are at barb’s house. Barb’s parents have hired an investigator. unfortunately they will not because she was too good for this show. she is much better off dead. at least she is not miserable like these folks


Mike is calling 11 on the walkie because he’s in love with her.
where did toothless get teeth?

they be biking around at night. why?
If i were them i would not be doing that

I would have moved away
or killed myself

Will is practicing some art therapy


Sean Astin is not nearly as cute as he used to me. why are they afraid of the phone?

back to the lab. guy playing with ball- we have all decided he’s about to die
scenes jumping around so much idk where we are

is that will or mike? they look the same
it’s dark. AS USUAL. it’s always night in this city. oh theres the upside down world and big spider monster. WHAT IS THE MONSTER. IT MUST BE A METAPHOR

Cabin in the woods… Will’s old house? Sheriff is in the house now ad it is dark AS USUAL
IS IT 11??? EGGOs

11 is alive. Big surprise. WHAT A TWIST NO ONE SAW coMING
sheriff is the bestest.


EPISODE 2 as liveblogged by Teeben

11 Flashback episode ;et’s go

Upside down is all cool lighting except for the portal?

the particle FX for the upside down got way better in s2

There’s a crack in the wall in the style of Doctor Who s5

The upside down is made out of ectoplasm

Rebirthed imagery through the wall of the school. What will follow 11 through the portal tho?

I’m amazed they decided to just bring 11 back immediately, like literally the same night that s1 finale happened

Millie Bobby Brown is the new archetype of moody powerful silent tween girls, along with Lara from Logan, Nova in War for the Planet of the Apes, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead in Deadpool (kind of)

Hopper takes care of 11 way better than himself. Food, safety, etc.

11 has (almost) normal speech pattern now that she’s lived w/ Hopper

Duffer Brothers continue to repeat Spielbergian ET imagery with 11 trying to sneak out on Halloween
“C-O-M-promise. Compromise”
-Harkens back to Mike’s “I promise” in s1

“11 probably has the best life of anybody on this show. Eggo waffles and she’s safe”

Ghostbusters costume–I wonder if the Duffer brothers fact-checked every 80s referenc to make sure there were no anachronisms

The new BBEG for s2–is it the mother of the Demigorgon? Demommagorgon?

s2 is going mad with match cuts

They all wanted to be Venkman LOL

The new Max character seems like a heavy-handed attempt to add female characters/pass the Bechdel test.

Will is quite the artist if his mother can use his drawing to find the exact field he drew

1984 doctors are correctly inept about PTSD (new! no longer called Shell Shock!)

Sean Astin stunt casting to double down on Goonies allusion.

“No one leaves small towns. The two people who do are known as ‘the people who left'”
–Alia, on small towns

The evil corp has set up a base in the Upside Down??

Doctor-man loves his stress ball–does HE have PTSD/has spent time in the upside down?

Nancy has the widest lowest set cheekbones on the planet

Nance has PBSD(post Barb stress disorder)

“IT’s like everyone forgot, like no one cares”
-meta commentary on s1 poor handling of Barb, and the fan outcry

“It’s always night on this show!” Beth
“They’re in a closet!” Sami

Steve=Steve Holt + Jean Ralphio

MADMAX has yet to speak

I love the detail that Will’s ghostbusters jumpsuit is a slightly different than everyone else’s, just like real life cosplay

“That’s presumptuous of you” -Max

11 learns about real life through TV, just like the rest of us!


Now she’s eating it

Ginger the Elder is supposed to be a handsome bad boy, but he looks scraggly in a older brother lion from Lion King II kind of way

THIS destroyed pumpkin patch is 2 for $4 instead of 2 for $3

Ectoplasm everywhere

“!! What if it’s…..DINOSAURS?” BEth

Samwise got fat.

Whenever I see Will I can only think of this kid

Has ANYONE ever been to a party that looks as good as a movie high school no parents party??

spotted costumes: Animal House, no longr appropriate Native American costume(plural),  PAC-Man, Gizmo from Gremlins, Jason form Friday the 13th, Michael Landis’ Teen Wolf(?)

Public Domain: Raggedy Anne, an Oktoberfest maid??

Netflix must pay a fortune for the licensing rights to all the period music used in Stranger Things

Sean Astin plans a prosperous life in Maine with a radio shack. How do we tell him?

“This is not a normal family.” “It could be.”


My personal candy tier list:
1. Peanut butter M&Ms
2. Those Japanese gummy candies

11 is watching Boris Karloff Frankenstein scene with the little girl. She’s both the monster and the girl ;___;

The Mommagorgon seems to have the Alien’s head on a shadow octopus body. Again, Netflix really pitched in for the FX budget this season. Thank you based Netflix for actually supporting shows no one else would.

Nance tries to drown Barb pain with alcohol

Nance spills her drink, Can’t Buy Me Love Style

“You don’t love me?” Steve
“‘s bullshit.” Nance

Mike and will are closest bc they look the same–Beth

The noise in the upside down sounds like lemurs or something

Beth to Sami: “LEt’s create a secret handshake. You stick your finger in my nose, I stick your fingers in your nose.”

Sami claims 11’s astral projection/Cerebro scenes are cribbed from Under the Skin(2013)

The scariest thing in s2 is Dustin’s trash can

Conclusion: So far, Duffer Brothers wisely avoid retreading the exact same story beats as season one, instead focusing on the trauma that the characters are burdened by, and how that affects how they trust (or don’t trust) each other. New characters like Samwise and Max have yet to prove their value as anything other than character foils so far, but if season one is any hint, the Duffer Brothers will find ways to make each character redeemable and valuable( a la Steve) and bring them into the Stranger Things fold.
Overall grade: B+



dustin is my favorite character.

he got a new friend animal! something special what could it be!

crazy laughter!



micro pig


(we don’t know)

he feeds it candy

and eats some of the candy


he is so sweet to the slime dude.

he is gonnna be bad guy this lil salamander.

he fell asleep. i might soon too.

salamander gurguesl in sleep.

turning into frog now. looks painful. evil.


i love the theme song!

bumbumbumbum-interrupted by stephen showing me something from my childhood nightmares – dinosaurs a puppet show – eeeeeeeeeee 😦

sheriff found 11! in the flashback

reunited! special.

11 is sad. she is in puberty.

he eats the same food as buddy the elf.

he’s trying to solve this conflict the way i did with alli as a child – tryna make her laugh instead of saying sorry :/

the sheriff is FAT

11 speaks like kevin from the office. save time. see world!

MAD girl



dustin loves to read!

but the librarian is evil she tricked him she is evil


but did he notice that his salamander grew?

will is creeeeeepy

bob tries to relate to will

but wait where are they going?

live blogging is distracting me from my program.

this stranger things doesnt have me yelling nearly as much as the last one. maybe we should turn off more lights? maybe we need more stressed out wynona???

the redhead girl looks sunburnt. is that racist?

i don’t like her anyways. i hate new characters.

this teacher only talks about brains. but what he talks about is so relevant to the kids and the storyine!

he brought the salamander. in the ghost buster box. BUT IT’S NOT GONNA BE THERE AT AV CLUB.

circling on a map. PROGRESS IS BEING MADE! on something! the pumpkin case!

(which is the clouddemigorgonmama destroying everything)

is 11 an introvert?

she’s going outside!!!

but first shes having a flashback to move in day!

oh it’s granddad’s house! thought it was will’s old house.

sheriff is happy! he loves having a daughter!

it makes him dance to old music and clean in a fun montage!

11 barely knows how to clean!

but she learns so fast! how nice!

father daughter bonding with morse code! ❤

traps are now set up!

so when 11’s hair is in like basic pixie stage it’s straight (wig) but like present day it’s a perm. how’d that happen?!??!

she e s c a p e s


because it’s spring outside now. seasons new and she is NEW.


the new guy is super creepy and pedostache. i dislike

he’s not even good enough at bball to deflate steve’s hair(ington).

so nancy cares about missing first period. but she takes steve out of pe and that’s ok??

nancy thinks its ok to be drunk.

OH the slamder is at schoold.

they all see him and touch him ewwwwwwwww salmanela.

the vfx are not great.

i have to pee. but we are on a schedule and i dont think i can go 😦

its evil and evolving!

but toothless is in lvoe

WILL think’s it’s his baby!

no wait. he KNOWS IT.

will has now been replaced by the girl.

bob has lunch with winona. i want to eat a sandwich now too.

momma is mad at bullies making fun of will. and that is what bob fell for… weird.

i took a cookie break. there are less comments now by my friends. they are getting tired. OH NO. GOTTA KEEP THEM AWAKE.

also the scientist i thiknk he is bad.

nancy and jonathan are friends.

nancy wants a radio after seeing a guy enjoy his snack with one.NOW SHE SKIPS FOURTH PERIOD BECAUSE SHE CARES NOT ABOUT ANYTHING SHE SAYS SHE CARESA BOUT

11 wants to SWING she is jelous

sheriff reads in a flashback a sad story to 11.

11 has mommy issues. ohhhh no.

sheriff reads books like teachers read powerpoints. BORING


she doesnt get technology hto

losing steam. its gone

it’s back

her name is joyce?

she’s using the phone instead of scared of it! that’s good!

she doesnt know how to plug it in but she knows how to fast foreard??? yea right

i didnt see the outline until she paused the screen. now she s going CRAZY TRACING! ARTIST MOM! WHY SO FAST THOUGH WHO IS SHE GONNA TELL WHAT CONCLUSION ISGONNA COME TO FASTER

whatever school is out now

i think mike just grew taller a bit since we last saw him.


oh the new boy and girl are not related? he must be her parole officer. or cousin.

will is telling his friends something. that salamander is bad?

salamander is stronger now

ew it plasmaed

are there more? what is he doing on earth?

oh well i’m sure it will be wrapped up by the end of the season.


nancy tellst he trugh to her mom. no wait she sets a trap. ugh

but why?

oh more pumpkins great

science is involved now.

11 is in trouble now. sheriff pappa is ocming


mike is gonna see her

and get distracted. yikessss

she can smell him

she is tracking him now

this season is not nearly as scary with just a lil salamander than it was with a full on demigorgon.

11 foudn mike.

and the redhead. so she gave her a bruise.

whoaaa fast mama gets out to get will as soon as he does not answer. she needs therapy and doctor visits tooooo

oh will found the monster and is scared now.

bye bye time to go back to the other dimension. will is scared.

dustin ratatouilles that salamander. fool

ok now will faces his fears. is he gonna die???


but it does invade every orifice of his body until the credits roll.









Art Theory


One time, I took an art theory class. We read many many theories written through the ages all trying to answer the question: “what is art?” At the end of the class, we were prompted to write our own theories. This is mine.

Art as Imitation of the Creator

            The basis of my art theory comes from what I believe about God. God is the ultimate goodness, beauty, and creator. God created all things and is therefore the first and greatest artist. All artists have been inspired by nature (“creation” and “nature” will be used interchangeably) in some way and everyone has felt the rush of emotion and awe known as an aesthetic experience from watching a sunrise or seeing the view from the top of a mountain. Scenes of nature are one of the few things that are universally agreed to be beautiful. The “first art” of creation is what inspires artists to create and point out or mimic the beauty that they see. God created humans in his image (Gen. 1:27), this means that appreciation of beauty and the ability to create and respond to art, are gifts given to humans alone. Animals do not have these abilities because they are not created in the image of God with souls and deep emotions, which lead to artistic expression. Art is unique from other types of human creation in that its purpose is to express emotion and exhibit beauty rather than be tools or inventions for practical every day use, although some tools can be turned into art through decoration. This paper will discuss what I believe are the necessary conditions for art:

  1. Art is composed by a human
  2. Art elicits an aesthetic experience
  3. Art reveals beauty
  4. Art is inspired by creation
  5. Art expresses an emotion of the artist
  6. Art requires altering materials to create something new
  7. Art is made with technical skill

Art is composed by a human
This statement is important to understand because it leads to all the others. Whether it is dance, music, theater or visual art; all art is “put together” by a human or collective humans. As mentioned earlier, God created man in his own image or likeness. This is what sets us apart from animals. Humans have souls, emotions, and reasoning abilities that animals do not. Creativity is a big part of God’s character, as the first thing we see him do in scripture is create the universe. When he created everything, it was good, beautiful and perfect. Naturally, being created in his image, we also possess the desire and ability to create beautiful things and to appreciate beauty. This being said, zoo animals walking around in paint is not art. If a human uses an animal to be an instrument in her or his own creative process, it can be labeled art because the human had an idea or emotion and chose to express it through the animal’s markings. In both these situations, the animal was not inspired paint out his emotions. Animals do not invent, create or participate in activities that do not benefit their immediate survival. Therefore, only humans created in the image of the creator God have the desire and capacity to create art.

Art elicits an aesthetic experience
An aesthetic experience is something that is only brought upon by art and creation. This is the reaction that one feels when being mesmerized by an incredible painting or struck by awe when seeing a vibrant sunrise. This “wow” reaction comes from the visual or musical stimuli entering the viewer or listener’s senses. Humans are able enjoy this response to art because God created us with a desire for beauty and an appreciation for goodness so that we can see him through it. An aesthetic experience differentiates art from other types of “made” things that comply with necessary conditions 6 and 7. Things like spoons, couches, or lamps do not cause this response because they are designed to fulfill a need of every day life and are mass-produced for efficiency. Of course, all of these things can be transformed into art through decoration and intentional use of design elements but when only practicality is considered, common objects do not spark wonder in the viewer or user. Emotions that are commonly thought of when discussing beauty, are happiness, love, joy, peace, amazement, and wonder. Aesthetic experiences and beauty go hand in hand which leads to the next point:

Art reveals beauty
One of the many privileges of being an artist is pointing out to others what is beautiful. Whether it is recreating something known to be beautiful such as painting a landscape; or causing the viewer to see something formally considered ugly in a new way such as the work of Andres Serrano (among many); or even displaying found objects in a way that brings attention to their inherent beauty–artists present the world with what is beautiful. To call an art piece successful and for it to last through history, viewers must want to look at it. Because beauty encompasses positive feelings, viewers desire to return to the source of beauty again and again. An impression of goodness lasts longer than one of negativity because the viewer chooses to recall the experience rather than suppress it. Art that causes the viewer to cringe or turn away in uncomfortably may be successful in conveying a message or making the viewer think but it is not true art. They will not last once they have served their purpose of getting their point across. It is true that people have differing opinions of what is beautiful but these opinions are often not far apart and the emotions that accompany beauty are universal. The ultimate and irrefutable example of beauty is found in God’s creation.

Art is inspired by creation
Because creation was originally perfect in beauty and was created from a perfect being with none of the flaws of human skill, it is the ultimate inspiration of all art. Everything humans have learned about aesthetics: color, shape, value, etc. comes from what we have observed in nature. The reason that all people can appreciate art whether or not they have been exposed or have had formal training is because creation is the example available to all. By walking outside, one is exposed to art. This explains why a person deserted on an island alone may attempt to decorate his living space or arrange rocks and found objects into sculptures. He does not need to be taught that creating and beauty bring life; he can see examples all around him and being a created work of art himself, it is in his nature. Sometimes artists wish to recreate the emotions they felt from interacting with some part of creation. Sometimes artists want to recreate the colors or shapes they have seen in nature. Sometimes artists choose to use materials found in nature to explore their properties and turn them into new things. Sometimes artists simply pick up a piece of nature and put it on display so that everyone can learn to appreciate it the same way that artist did when seeing it. All of these are forms of being inspired by creation and every art piece’s inspiration traces back to the beauty of creation.

Art expresses an emotion of the artist
Without emotion, art has no impact. Without impact, or an aesthetic response, it is not art. If no emotion is put into a piece, no emotion will be drawn from it. Emotionless art is formulated and calculated.

For example, when I was taking a painting class a couple years ago, I was told to paint the still life that was set up in front of me. This could have been an opportunity to create art had I felt any kind of emotion about the still life. If I was upset at the assignment and painted out my anger or if I found joy in the shadows and highlights and wanted to honor them, or maybe if I was excited to experiment with color and see what the medium of oils had to offer me—these would all be the starting line to the creative process of art. Instead, I had no interest in the assignment. I focused on completing the bare minimum. Putting the paint on canvas and getting the assignment over with to get a grade was my only motivation. The result was homework to practice mixing color and using a brush on canvas. It was not a work of art.

Emotion is the spark that ignites inspiration. Art with no emotion is empty and meaningless. It has nothing to offer. Emotion is what separates a masterpiece from an everyday spoon. Emotion is the fuel of the artist. Because emotion is so intangible and mysterious, art is often the only way to express it. Art and emotion are both gifts that balance each other out. Art harnesses incomprehensible emotions and turns them into something manageable and understandable. Because art is a tool for emotional output, emotion is required to create art.

Art requires altering materials to create something new
This point is the most basic recognized idea of art. Art must involve creation and creation involves change. The definition of creation is “the action or process of bringing something into existence.” This change that brings something into existence can be as complex as throwing clay on a wheel to design an intricate structure or as simple as moving rocks into a specific formation. God created the universe out of nothing. Everything was his original and new idea. To imitate our creator, we take the materials that he provided for us and practice our innate desire to create by reinterpreting them and transforming them to reflect our interpretation. Even if what is created is a replica of something else, it is still a transformation of the original materials. I believe that this point is the reason a lot of artists become egotistical and arrogant. Bringing something into existence is a way to glorify God by imitating his character but it can also make the artist believe he or she is a god her/his self. It is quite an honor to be given the ability to bring completely new things into being but if not respected and if glory is not given where it is due, it can turn into a power trip for the artist.

 Art is made with technical skill
Though everyone can appreciate beauty and art, and has the ability to create and express their feelings, true art displays technical skill. Revealing beauty requires knowledge of materials and mastery of technique. Poor craftsmanship, bad acting, and singing off-key do not exhibit beauty. In Exodus 31, the Lord fills two specific men with the spirit of God in “all kinds of craftsmanship to make artistic designs for work in gold, in silver, and in bronze, and in the cutting of stones for settings, and in the carving of wood.” (NIV) God gives these men the skills to create art for his tabernacle. Most cultures agree that God or the gods will be pleased with beautiful art that is well done. In this instance, God wanted his tabernacle to be beautiful so that it would reflect his character and proclaim his glory. Skilled craftsmen were required for this to be accomplished. Some people are more talented than others from birth but artistic skill can be learned. Practice and knowledge of materials are necessary for quality craftsmanship, which allows for beauty to be fully realized and art created in the truest sense of the word.

When first considering my theory of art, I tried to decipher what art is as society has defined it today. I realized soon that it would be impossible to discover what art truly is by looking at how it is defined by society at large since it is constantly changing. Instead, I decided to start with what I know is true and begin from there. I know that God is the first artist and gave us the desire to make art. Therefore, he should be the one to define art. I took what I know of God and what emotions I have experienced myself when creating art and built my theory around those things. I do not think that art should be censored because I know that everyone has a different opinion of art and I think that all these opinions should be respected. The risk that my theory presents is that it is fairly narrow and could cause judgmental responses to art that does not comply with my conditions. However, every theory presents this risk and I choose to hold my theory of art close to me. Meaning, I will create art that lines up with my theory and not judge others for creating art that lines up with their own theory. I may not agree that their piece ought to be called art or believe it is a successful piece but I can appreciate their intentions and effort and value it as a creative endeavor of a fellow human that I respect.


Wonder Woman Potential

Usually when I go to the movies, especially the drive in, I anticipate tearing the production apart. I like to complain about the lack of people of color, the objectification of women, and plot holes. It really makes the experience enjoyable for me.

Needless to say, I had extremely low expectations for the scantly clad Wonder Woman. I’ve never read the comic and I had no idea who she was really besides her appearance as a gladiator cheerleader.

The movie begins and so do my scoffs. A bunch of gorgeous ladies are prancing around. Of course the main 2 mentors are white and look exactly the same with their long blonde hair.

Then the handsome white man comes and is saved by naïve goddess girl.
It’s cool that the girl does the saving I guess.

Then there is a battle in which none of the Germans stop to ask

“Why is there a magical island full of gorgeous female gladiator cheerleaders?”

“Doesn’t matter, lets just kill them before they are able to threaten our masculinity!”


The scoffing continues

Then the moment that really got me:

“It’s Ares that’s causing the war, mom! That’s what we have spent all eternity training for! Let’s go kill him!”

Mom says, “Nooo, too scary.”

Ahem. Ok mom.

Let’s review: Zeus created you for the sole purpose of defeating Ares. That is literally your only purpose. What are you going to do on your little island if you don’t go? Keep training? For what? You can’t even procreate!

I was appalled at her stupidity.


As the movie went on and Sami fell asleep so I had no one to scoff with,

My critiques turned on themselves.

Instead of being annoyed at Diana’s naïveté and oblivion to the customs of England, I started to identify.

By the time Diana ran into the battlefield to rescue the town, I was riveted.


It dawned on me. This is the story of a Christ follower!

I began to look for truth in the story rather than lies and re-evaluated the beginning.

The scene that first turned me off to the movie is what ended up starting the brain train that carried me to a place of absolutely loving it.


Let me explain,

I was created for a very specific purpose: to glorify God and spread his love so that others can know Him and be free from Satan’s hold just as the Amazons are meant to free the world from Ares.

If I choose not to use my God given gifts to spread God’s love with the world, then I am just as useless as the Amazons who stayed behind. A lot of times our friends or parents tell us not to pursue Jesus to the hard and dangerous places. It is not because they are stupid (as I accused the Amazons of being) but they have lost sight of our purpose of existing and want to protect us.

Diana is convicted of being called to end the war and is determined to leave despite her mother’s protests.

As Diana enters the world of humans we see her innocence with men, her compassion for those in need, her fearlessness to speak out against violence, and her supernatural strength. Even what she wears is chosen specifically for the task at hand, not for fashion or beauty. (Though why the artist decided this should be a tiny metal dress is open for debate)

All of these things allow her to save the world because she knows the truth of what is really going on and she is not distracted from her mission.

She knows that she has been trained well. She knows that there is a spiritual battle behind it all. She knows that she will defeat the enemy in the end because that is her purpose. She knows that mere mortals cannot harm her.

Even when no one believes where she came from or who sent her, she holds to her convictions.

Even when she learns how messed up/sinful mankind is, she chooses to serve them anyway because you know what?

“It’s not about deserving, it’s about what you believe, and I believe in love. “


Oh man I could go on about the truth of that statement for days and days.


I have been created for a specific purpose.

I have been filled with the spirit and trained with spiritual disciplines in community.

I know that the real battle is not against flesh and blood.

I know that the victory has already been won.


Through these truths
Jesus has given me Wonder Woman potential.
I just need to own it.



The LORD is with me; I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?
Psalm 118:6

giving up on being good


I’ve been living my life according to certain lists: what I can and cannot do. Based on what I think I’m good at.

“Can you navigate for me?”
“No, but Helen can!”

“Can you take a picture of us?”
“Mmm, Sami can!”

When my roommates sing together it is so beautiful.
“Beth, do you want to sing with us?”
yes yes I really do
“No, it’s ok”

This system never used to bother me. As long as I knew what I was not good at, I could stay away from those things. Stay away from judgment, embarrassment, and failure.

There are times when I venture into the Not Good list. When I’m feeling bold and adventurous. But I will make sure everyone knows I already know I’m not good at that. You don’t have to tell me.

We can’t be good at everything right?
I should just focus on what I know I’m good at.

This is what I told Helen when I explained my hesitations with trying to get better at writing.

Is it worth it? I’m only ok at it.
I want to be a good teacher. I should focus on that.
I gave up trying to be a good artist.
I can’t be good at everything.

This made sense to me
But Helen starts crying

“It makes me sad to hear you say you’ve given up on being a good artist.
I look at the things you make and they are really wonderful.”
She says through tears

Now I’m crying too
About all the brutal critiques
About all the comparison

I gave up because I wasn’t as good as them
But they don’t think they are good enough either.

I was just never cut out to be a professional artist.
I knew I’d never get hired over them.


What I did everything for the glory of God?

I can’t even imagine what that would look like.

What if I only cared what He thought?

I can’t even imagine how freeing that would be.


Instead, I stick with what I’m Good at,
seek validation for what I’m Ok at,
and avoid what I’m Not Good at as much as possible


It’s time to stop living in the lists.

I was not created to compare myself to others in order to decide what I can and cannot do.

God calls us to do things that we think we cannot do.

Extraordinary, unimaginable things.

He calls us to be bold all the time.

Without disclaimers.


Maybe I’m not very good at that
Or anything else

But Jesus is the best at that
And everything else

My Father is the best at everything
So I don’t have to be

the day Mo made a fort

One day, Mo was home alone and reaaally bored. He knew the girls weren’t coming home for awhile so he decided to make a list of things he could do to past the time

  1. Finger painting
  2. Draw with sidewalk chalk
  3. Play with legos
  4. Make a fort
  5. Write notes to the girls

Writing the list took a lot of brain power out of Mo so he ended up falling asleep after number 5. When he woke up he looked at his list with new eyes.

Hmmm I don’t have fingers.

I ate all the chalk yesterday.

Legos sounds fun!

So does a fort!

And I would like to make something for my favorite people!


Smiling smugly to himself for being such a super genius, Mo pulled out the legos and started building. He built and built, sometimes pausing to reevaluate, sometimes drawing architectural sketches, tearing down, starting over, until FINALLY 3 hours later, he was DONE.


Mo gave a contented sigh and settled down in excitement waiting for the door to open and the shouts of glee to commence when his fort was discovered in the living room.


A few minutes later he heard a jingle of keys.


The knob turned and Alia walked into the room.

Mo held his breath.


He watched as Alia hung up her keys, glanced over at Mo

Oh hey Mo!

And walked back into her room, closing the door behind her.


Mo was devastated. Alia didn’t say anything about the fort he had labored over for so many hours for her and the roomies?!

He cried and cried and cried

Soaking the floor with his tears.


Sami came home to a balling caterpillar and wet floor.

Mo! What’s wrong?? ALIA! MO IS CRYING!

Alia came running out

What is the matter Mo??

Y-y-you didn’t say anythiiingg

About the HUGE AMAZING f-f-fort I made for you guuyss!


Alia and Sami looked at each other.

Aw Mo, I’m sorry!

Sami said


What fort?


Mo rolled over and there it was

A pile of 5 legos.


It took me hours and hours and I made it for you because I love you so much and I wanted to surprise you and I was hoping we could sleep in it tonight!

Alia and Sami couldn’t hold it in any longer

They laughed and laughed and laughed

And tackled Mo for a big hug